1. Are any rHEALTH® products available for purchase?

Yes, our FVIII test kit is available for sale in English-speaking European countries. For other products, the rHEALTH technology is available for partnering only.  Please contact us at bizdev@rhealth.com for more information. 

2. When will rHEALTH® products be commercially available?

If you are a consumer, consumer, or medical profession, please stay tuned.  If you are interested in partnering, please contact us. 

3. Can we distribute your product?

The rHEALTH® products require regulatory approval prior to sales.  We are forming collaborations and partnerships that encompass more than solely distribution at present.

4. What tests can the rHEALTH® perform?

We have demonstrated the technology on over 20 tests.  These include hematology, chemistry, small molecule, biomarker proteins, large proteins, and vital signs.  For a full analyte list, please contact us at bizdev@rhealth.com.

5. Has the technology been peer-reviewed?

Yes, absolutely.  The technology has been the subject of peer-reviewed grants and contracts from NASA and NIH's NHLBI.  Furthermore, it has been presented in a variety of talks, abstracts, posters, and publications.  In addition, various external collaborators have demonstrated good performance of the technology in their hands.  Please see our Patents & Publications list or contact us for more information.