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We leverage our diverse engineering and research capabilities to provide feasibility for different applications of the rHEALTH® technology. At rHEALTH®, we work to create solutions that advance human health. 


At rHEALTH®, collaboration is a key focus of our business strategy.  We partner with biotech, pharma, academic, healthcare as well as government institutions to explore mutual areas of interest for furthering early detection of disease, management of chronic conditions, vitals monitoring, personal diagnostics, and companion diagnostics. These partnerships may consist of various types of frameworks.

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rHEALTH Applications for Collaboration

rHEALTH®'s technology consists of a full spectrum of innovative and proprietary devices, which are intended to span from translational to medical and consumer uses. The technology integrates a Comprehensive Health Analysis System (CHAS): app and cloud-based management of personal health information. 

Our goal is to transform disease and therapeutic monitoring by providing patient-consumers with an optimal way to manage their condition and therapeutics. By partnering with rHEALTH, we will tailor a point-of-patient digital diagnostics solution for a specific therapeutic via a single small volume blood sample. The objective will be to provide a unique competitive advantage and ultimately, make patient lives better and less burdensome. 

Therapy - rHEALTH®

- Monitor drug levels to achieve optimal dosing for safe and effective therapy

- Point-of-patient therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) with individualized pK and dosing capabilities (see figure on right)

- Point-of-patient safety monitoring with blood to Bluetooth monitoring anywhere

- Personalized care through a new way of disease/health management

Figure . Area under the curve (pharmacokinetics)

Figure. Area under the curve (pharmacokinetics)


Our Partners


Center of Excellence

Advancing Health Together

Remaining true to our mission of making diagnostic capabilities more accessible, we are pleased to announce that we have established a Center for Excellence, which will allows us to readily collaborate with the broader scientific, medical, and patient community.  Together, we can advance healthcare delivery.

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Devices are limited by FDA regulation for research or investigational purposes only.