Dr. Eugene Chan Presents at 2017 NASA Human Research Program

This week Dr.Eugene Chan presented at NASA's Human Research Program Investigator's Workshop, A New Dawn: Enabling Human Space Exploration in Galveston, TX. The audience were NASA officials, scientists, and funded Principal Investigators of the HRP.  During the event, he discussed new developments in our rHEALTH technology platform.


rHEALTH Poster Presentation at NASA Conference

Eugene Y. Chan, MD, DMI Founder presented a poster titled, rHEALTH X Technology for Comprehensive Biomedical Analysis at NASA’s 2016 Human Research Program Investigator’s Workshop.  The poster highlighted the broad analytical capabilities of the rHEALTH X platform, including measurement of non-invasive vitals signs and blood-based biomarker measurements.  The rHEALTH X is designed for long-duration space travel, allowing astronauts to perform medical diagnoses without the need for a skilled medical professional.  These capabilities will simultaneously advance terrestrial diagnoses by consumers and medical professionals alike.