rHEALTH Technology Receives Notice of Allowance from US Patent Office for Multiplexed Tests in Small Sample Volumes

This patent enables rHEALTH’s unique technology to measure many analytes in a given small volume sample at home or in the clinic

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., January 23, 2019 /PRWeb/ -- rHEALTH LLC, an innovative digital health solutions company, announced today that it has received a Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for U.S. Patent Application No. 14/682,010, entitled “Microparticle Multiplexing” filed by its affiliate company, DNA Medicine Institute (DMI). This application covers the addition of a length scale to hydrogel microparticles.  A Notice of Allowance is a written notification from USPTO that review of the patent application has completed and issuance of the patent is pending. rHEALTH expects the patent to be issued within two months.

“In combination with our US Patent 9,568,425 “Multicoded Analytical Nanostrips,” our technology for highly multiplexed diagnostic tests in small sample volumes now has even broader patent protection,” said Dr. Eugene Y. Chan, Founder and CEO. “The fundamental aspects of this patent enable our unique technology to measure many analytes in a given small volume of sample at home or in the clinic.” 


rHEALTH is an innovative digital health solutions company focused on creating integrated technologies that fundamentally change how we care for our health. rHEALTH’s innovations consists of the rHEALTH diagnostic platform, which enables diverse laboratory test classes in a single small volume blood sample intended as a point-of-care solution, the SKYE Sensor, a wireless wearable providing comprehensive real-time vitals monitoring and CHAS, a user-friendly mobile application. For more information, visit www.rhealth.com.

About DNA Medicine Institute

rHEALTH’s affiliate, DNA Medicine Institute (DMI) is a biomedical incubator focused on advancing patient care, alleviating human suffering, and treating disease through innovation. Its work is supported by NASA, National Institutes of Health, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. DMI leverages substantial expertise in interdisciplinary science and engineering to solve challenging problems. For more information, visit www.dnamedinstitute.com.

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rHEALTH FVIII Kit Mentioned in Article on Consumer Diagnostics (IEEE Spectrum)

Emily Waltz, for IEEE Spectrum, writes about rHEALTH's first regulatory clearance and implications of the technology for developments in consumer-driven, biomedical diagnostics. Recently, rHEALTH  achieved CE marking of its Fluorogenic Factor VIII (FVIII) Test Kit for professional use and met the requirements of CD 98/79/EEC (the European IVD Directive). 

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rHEALTH Device Mentioned in Article on Space Age Technology (Parade)

Parade publishes an excerpt from the new book, Generation Space: A Love Story, by Anna Leahy and Douglas R. Dechow. Within this excerpt on space driven inventions, DNA Medicine Institute's development of the rHEALTH technology is mentioned. The rHEALTH is developed to provide healthcare access to astronauts traveling to Mars in future missions, and also potentially serve rural residents in low resource areas.

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