rHEALTH Technology Featured in Publication for Cardiovascular Medicine

The rHEALTH Sensor was recently featured in a publication in the Journal of Personallized Medicine.  This pioneering work by Dr. Patrick Gladding summarizes key technologies relating to therapeutics and diagnostics (or theranostics) for cardiovascular medicine.

Abstract: It is undeniable that the increasing costs in healthcare are a concern. Although technological advancements have been made in healthcare systems, the return on investment made by governments and payers has been poor. The current model of care is unsustainable and is due for an upgrade. In developed nations, a law of diminishing returns has been noted in population health standards, whilst in the developing world, westernized chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease have become emerging problems. The reasons for these trends are complex, multifactorial and not easily reversed. Personalized medicine has the potential to have a significant impact on these issues, but for it to be truly successful, interdisciplinary mass collaboration is required. We propose here a vision for open-access advanced analytics for personalized cardiac diagnostics using imaging, electrocardiography and genomics.