rHEALTH Technology Issued Three New Patents

rHEALTH LLC announces the issuance of three new patents in the United States for innovations in biochemistry and small volume sample collection filed by DNA Medicine Institute, DMI. These innovations increase the analytic capabilities as well as sophistication of the rHEALTH diagnostic platform, which represents the miniaturization and automation of traditional laboratory testing technologies.

Most recently, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted the patent number D785,781, “Sample Consumable,” for a design that facilitates micro-volume sampling through capillary action. USTPO has additionally granted the patent number 9,568,425, “Multicoded Analytical Nanostrips,” which covers the improvement of analytical nanostrips for clinical analysis by multifunctional coding. Also granted is the patent number 9,617,383, “PEG-based Microparticles,” which covers the synthesis of monodisperse PEG-based microparticles with stable coupling chemistries.

Added to the spiral vortex micro-mixer technology (US Patent No. 9,194,780), the sample consumable design represents how rHEALTH continues to leverage engineering ingenuity and principles of fluid dynamics to simplify basic steps of microvolume sample collection and processing. “With continued support from NASA, we are excited to offer new solutions that push traditional barriers. Our technology makes massive multiplexing possible in a small volume sample while also providing for measurement of diverse assay types, “said Dr. Eugene Y. Chan, Founder and CEO.

Multicoded nanostrips can simplify assay performance and improve analytic capacity of the rHEALTH device examining small sample volumes. The natural attributes, chemical stability and low autofluorescence, of PEG-based microparticles means that its use allows for better device sensitivity and greater time for sample prep steps. Combined with the flow-cytometry based rHEALTH diagnostic platform, these reagents expand the function of what is traditionally thought possible for a point-of-care testing unit.

These new patents strengthen the companies’ intellectual property as well as confirm DMI and rHEALTH’s strategic commitment to better care through innovation in portable diagnostics and monitoring technologies.


rHEALTH is a digital health solutions company focused on creating integrated technologies that fundamentally change how we care for our health. rHEALTH’s innovations consists of the rHEALTH diagnostic platform, which enables diverse laboratory test classes in a single small volume blood sample, the SKYE Sensor, a wireless wearable providing comprehensive real-time vitals monitoring and CHAS, a user-friendly mobile application. For more information, visit www.rhealth.com.

About DNA Medicine Institute

DNA Medicine Institute (DMI) is a biomedical incubator focused on advancing patient care, alleviating human suffering, and treating disease through innovation. Its work is supported by NASA, National Institutes of Health, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. DMI leverages substantial expertise in interdisciplinary science and engineering to solve challenging problems. For more information, visit www.dnamedinstitute.com.

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