rHEALTH Technology Receives Trademark Approval for RHEALTH®

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., November 7, 2018 -- rHEALTH LLC, an innovative digital health solutions company, announced today that it has been issued a registration certificate by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for use of the trademark, “RHEALTH,” identified with the company’s patient monitoring wearable sensors for diagnosing conditions and capturing key health metrics.  

“We are pleased to obtain this trademark approval for RHEALTH which will preserve and protect the equity of this brand in the marketplace,” stated Dr. Eugene Y. Chan, Founder and CEO. “We expect RHEALTH to become a major well-known brand in the digital health space so it is important for us to secure trademark protection for this exciting innovative technology.” 


rHEALTH is an innovative digital health solutions company focused on creating integrated technologies that fundamentally change how we care for our health. rHEALTH’s innovations consists of the rHEALTH diagnostic platform, which enables diverse laboratory test classes in a single small volume blood sample intended as a point-of-care solution, the SKYE Sensor, a wireless wearable providing comprehensive real-time vitals monitoring and CHAS, a user-friendly mobile application. For more information, visit www.rhealth.com.

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